Is he walking or staying? Hardly a player has made such a name for himself for months as Bavaria’s striker Robert Lewandowski. The Pole is supposed to want to leave at all costs. Some clubs should have expressed their interest. The Bavarians are now clearly showing their support for poker and making it clear what the prospects are like for a change.

The speculations that Lewandowski absolutely wants to leave FC Bayern are well known. Whether they are correct however, nobody knows. The striker never admitted himself to his future and thus is unclear, which for sporty goals he has. Allegedly, he has wanted to leave Munich for a good six months. When the Bavarians met Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final, he wanted to play for his potential new employer. The Spaniards are supposed to be Lewandowski’s absolute dream club. The Pole went down in both games and had two bad days. Real were supposed to have distanced themselves from him after the encounter. At the World Cup in Russia he wanted to recommend himself to other interested parties, but the plan didn’t work out. Lewandowski failed with Poland in the preliminary round and could not score a single goal. Well-known Premier League clubs nevertheless seem to be very interested in a commitment.

No chance of a change

The transfer fee that a sale would bring in could be around 100 million euros. A lot of money, but that doesn’t appeal to the Bavarian bosses. Coach Niko Kovac was the first to make a clear statement a few days ago: “It’s true that Robert is playing with going somewhere else. Only one thing is what he wants, and the other is what we want. He will not leave this club. We certainly don’t want to give him up”. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of the Board of Directors, also confirmed that the Pole can make up for his alleged wish to change. “We have told him that we will not do this. No matter whether someone puts 100 or 150 million euros on the table. Since we decided at Franck in 2008 not to open this door, that has been our credo: “The top quality we have remains with Bayern Munich”. Ribery absolutely wanted to become Real a few years ago, but Bavaria stayed hard and didn’t sell.

Threats a strike?

Sound Rummenigge is clear: Lewandowski would like to change. How strong the wish is remains unclear. Should he want to leave the club by hook or by crook, Bavaria seems to remain tough. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Coutinho had recently tried to blackmail their clubs. Both boycotted the training in order to be bought out of their contracts. At FC Bayern, the situation will be quite different if Lewandowski shows the same behaviour. President Uli HoeneƟ had already stressed in the past that a strike would not be tolerated under any circumstances. The center forward knows that the Munichers have to give their okay when a concrete offer arrives. Rummenigge is not thinking of a striker star anyway. “Lewandowski will play a super season and exceed his goal record of 30 goals at Bayern Munich. He will step on the gas like never before”. If he wants to recommend himself for a transfer in 2019, he has to do the same.