After the quarrels about Osmane Dembele, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Lamine Sane there was also a case of discipline in Augsburg. Defender Daniel Opare is said to have behaved increasingly wrong, so that the club now suspended him. Differently than with Aubameyang there will be however no further chance, more than fithalten may Opare with the FCA no more.

Before the play against the Frankfurt unity the Augsburger had announced in a press release, why Daniel Opare will never again run up for the association. “Daniel Opare lied to us consciously and repeatedly despite the confrontation with facts. Furthermore, he has repeatedly violated the code of conduct within the team. The reason for the incident was the interest of FC Schalke. In the week before the home match against SGE, Opare met with Domenico Tedesco and Christian Heidel, which was legitimate for FCA manager Stefan Reuter in connection with Opare’s expiring contract at the end of the season. Reuter was not happy with the photos, but they helped to clarify the case. Opare and his advisor, who is also his brother, told FCA officials that they had only met with former team-mate Abdul Rahman Baba in Düsseldorf. Tedesco and Heidel also happened to be in the restaurant and landed his at the same table.

The lie flies up to

Christian Heidel, however, confirmed both to Reuter and to the public that it was a planned meeting. Reuter confronted Opare and his brother with these facts, but instead of an apology both continued to lie. “That was total nonsense with 0.0 percent truth content. It broke the camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel’s camel. Before the current incident, Opare is supposed to have been more conspicuous in the past. Reuter didn’t want to say anything about what exactly happened in the cabin. In order not to endanger the club’s values, the decision to suspend FC Augsburg is absolutely right. Down-to-earthness, team spirit, reliability and honesty, Opare repeatedly violated these principles and now has to live with the consequences. Rani Khedira, who was questioned about Opare in the halftime break of the duel against Eintracht, also considered the suspension to be without alternative.

Opare could still move abroad

A move within the Bundesliga or into the Premier League is no longer possible after closing the transfer window on 31 January. So far, FCA has not received any offers as to whether the Ghanaian will still switch to the Premier League free of charge, Reuter leaves open. “We will have to wait the next few days to see if there will be an offer for him. It will always depend on the interested party”. Despite the suspension, the Augsburg players gave their ex-player the opportunity to keep fit on the training grounds. But Opare will not accept this offer, he has already cleared his locker with the Swabians. There is support from the Bundesliga for the consequences of the FCA. After Dembele and Aubameyang forced their changes and missed any discipline, Augsburg set an example. Whether the Schalker decide in the summer actually for the ex-Augsburger or due to the missing discipline nevertheless for another player, remains for the time being open.