When it comes to the absolute giants of the gambling industry, Betway must not be missing. The British concern went in the year 2006 actually as bookmakers for sport bets to the start, has the Portfolio since then however pertinently extended. Thus also a Casino range is in the Aufgebot, which welcomes the new players with up to 1.000 euro bonus.

Zu Betway

Threefold with the deposit cash

As soon as the own player account with the offerer was opened, the qualifying deposits for the bonus can be carried out. Altogether the first three deposits on the player account are recompenced, whereby a bonus amount of 1,000 euro can be collected. For the first deposit a bonus of 100 percent applies, which can bring in an amount of maximum 250 euros. With the second deposit to the betting account, 25 percent bonus will then be issued, whereby another 250 euros can be collected as bonus amount.

The third and last qualifying deposit gives the players another 50 percent bonus, with which then up to 500 euros as bonus amount are possible.

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