Liverpool FC is in the final of the Europa League. In the decisive return match against Villareal, Jürgen Klopp’s team prevailed and reached the final. This again proves the theory: If Klopp is in the semi-finals with a team, then that team will also move into the final. In the preliminary round of the Europa League the Reds showed a very convincing and mature performance against a much weaker Villareal.

Jürgen Klopp is overwhelmed

The entry of Borussia Dortmund into the final of the Europa League is at least a small consolation for the team that didn’t make it into the Champions League. After the team made it to the final, Klopp was able to celebrate it properly. The success was celebrated with fans and team alike. The first winning fist was followed by the next and so on. Klopp was relieved and happy about reaching the final.

The 3:0 against Villareal led to praise for his team: “It was a great night, a brilliant game from us. What a performance!”, as the kicker said. Klopp’s words were preceded by great deeds in the game before. The team was able to dominate the game and didn’t leave Villareal many chances. Rather, you had to feel sorry for the Spaniards, as it was clear that they would not play in the final. Nevertheless, Roberto Firmino with two assists and Daniel Sturridge with one goal and one assist were able to stand out a bit.

Was Klopp himself had to remark that his team became a little impatient after an outstanding first half hour, but in the end the result was “brilliant”. In the first half-time break he could give them his plan for the rest of the season and this plan worked out completely. “In the second half we wanted to continue to play football emotionally – but also with our heads.” The plan was impressively executed. Villareal was the first Spanish team to be eliminated in the Europa League against a non-Spanish team.

Preceding the match, the former Dortmund coach had already taken a side blow  towards FC Bayern Munich when he said he had never been eliminated against a Spanish team before. And he was spared that on Thursday as well. Not least because Villareal seemed hectic and nervous, despite the announcement by their coach Marcellino that he would not be intimidated by the atmosphere in Anfield. Liverpool, on the other hand, were convincing all the time and never came under serious threat. Adam Lallana, who scored for the final, commented: “We knew it was going to be a tough task. …but we deserve to be in the final now.” For Klopp, the final in Basel will also be beautiful, the city is not far from his home, he said. They have to play Watford on 8 May. The win is set at bet365 with odds of 1.50, a draw of 4.50 and a defeat of 7.50. The bet365 odds are correct at the time of publication and may change.