Table promoted Darmstadt may have to do without his top goal scorer in the next season. Sandro Wagner has managed to excel in the current season in such a way that he is said to have attracted interest from England.

A change after the season is therefore no longer ruled out even by Wagner. In the current season he managed to shoot his club with 11 goals to the 13th place in the table. Already in winter first expressions of interest should have become loud from England.

Schnappt the Premier League Wagner?

Wagner should stand according to reports with several associations of the Premier League highly in the course. According to picture, the 28-J?hrige was observed also on the past weekend with 1:1 against the VfL Wolfsburg again by several Scouts of the island most exactly. There it could prove itself also under proof and secure the lilies with the equalizing goal at least one point.

Already in the winter it is to have given an inquiry in the two digit million range from the Premier League. The English second league club Blackburn Rovers was likewise already brought with Sandro Wagner in connection. If it comes to the descent of the association, Wagner, owing to a contract clause, can leave the association for a fixed sum of 750,000 euro. But even if the maintenance of the class is secured and there is no relegation, Wagner could continue. The lilies and above all coach Dirk Schuster then have to think quickly about how they want to replace the top striker.

Wagner himself is relaxed about the whole

For Wagner himself the rumors are not so important at the moment. Although he doesn’t really care about what the rumors say, at least when asked, there is also a lack of club loyalty in the direction of Darmstadt. There his contract goes until 2017. To the interest from England he says simply and without much fuss: “I don’t know. I don’t care right now. We still have seven games left. I promised the coach that I’d give it full throttle to the end. And my focus is on maintaining my class. I want to help the boys and the club. Then I’ll go on holiday to Italy – and then we’ll see.”

At the weekend he’ll keep his promise and shoot Darmstadt with goals against VfB Stuttgart to win. This will be set at bet365 with a quota of 3.10. If it remains with a draw the quota stands with 3.40. If they succeed that, the ascender could move still further away from the rear table ranks. Currently, the advantage over the relegation place is just one point. A victory of Stuttgart is seen with a quota of 2.25.

The bet365 odds are correct at the time of publication and may change.