Not only are there exciting games in the Bundesliga, the betting game on ComeOn also invites game enthusiasts to submit their bets and thus participate in the 3,333 Euro prize pool. The second half of the season is entering the hot phase more and more and the games are getting more and more exciting.

In the meantime, the table is about both the promotion and relegation fight as well as the much sought-after places for the Champions League and Europa League. At ComeOn you can give away free tips on the Bundesliga games every week and thereby secure a share of the prize pool. Players must bet on at least 7 matches and predict the outcome of the match.

Three simple steps to the prize pool

For the ComeOn betting game, players must correctly predict the outcome of at least seven matches in order to secure a share of the prize pool. If you want to receive cash winnings, a bet of 5 Euro is required to participate in the promotion. If this does not happen, the participation condition is not fulfilled.

At the beginning, free tips on the Bundesliga games are required. In addition on the action side the small boxes can be clicked simply. To each of the nine plays, at least one tip must be delivered. The bet must be placed with a minimum quota of 1.80 and can be concluded at the earliest 5 days before the end of the participation period. It can also be completed before the start of the first match day at the earliest. System bets and Asian handicaps are not included in this promotion.

This is how the prize pool is distributed

The Bundesliga tips can be processed up to the participation deadline. This ends on the first match day with the first game. After the end of the entry deadline, no more bets can be placed. If a match day is cancelled, ComeOn determines the outcome of the match on the basis of the last odds of the matches. For this, 10 tickets are created which contain game results (1-X-2). If three matches are cancelled, all tips for this match day are invalid.

As a player, you may only bet once on the match of the match day. Multiple participation leads to disqualification. The 3,333 euro are divided into three price pots. 1,111 euro divide thereby all participants with nine correct Tipps. 1,111 euro share all participants with 8 or 9 correct Tipps and further 1,111 euro all participants, who had 7,8 or 9 correct Tipps   The results are updated within 24 hours after play end. In the betting game itself, the odds are updated every 10 minutes. Only players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are eligible to participate. ComeOn reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time and without giving reasons.

This week the following games must be provided with bets: